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because we're worth it

because we're worth it
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Welcome to Icon Error, yet another icon community with a bit of history behind it. This community was created thanks to the idea of a lot of iconists and we're here to allow everyone to post their icons, to ask for help and watch them improve!


ðPosting icons

VERY BIG bunch of icons (you can find many places to just show your icons and you even can open a community or journal for your graphics)

Batches with icons you think need to improve and want tips or constructive criticism.

ð Tutorials

Post your own tuts you think can help people (like cool ways of cropping, ways to put text, examples of what works and what not, etc) done by you or not (always credit when posting something's not yours, please)

Try to not post coloring tuts, there are thousands over the net, and it's always the same procedure.

Lists of your favorite tutorials from other people/ lists of your own tutorials



 You can be nice and help at the same time. It's very nice to receive comments like "your skillz are awesome!", and "I like them!" but you have your personal/graphics journal for that. What we want here is why you DON'T like icons or why you do like them (that helps a lot when you want to improve, more than following a trend)

WHY section. Sometimes (a lot of times XD) we ask ourselves why an icon won a contest, or why everyone likes it and why really don't. That's something everyone should/could ask here without fearing anyone bitching back at them.

ðDumb questions

That doesn't exist if you're a newbie (or not so newbie), so feel free to ask whatever comes to your mind but be sure it wasn't asked before!

We don't bite and we don't laugh at anybody.



icon of the month/week/year
We could do a contest once a month about members picking (aka nominating) their 2/3/4/whatever favorite icons from OTHER people, explaining why, and then voting.

Pick my best


Everything should be tagged, for organizing and everything else's purpose:

tutorials + icons + help needed + help given + challenge + WHY + pickmybest + so on ^^



*show your icons
*ask/give advice
*help people improve
*post resources and tutorials


*superiority feelings


etc. Just be honest and don't cause drama, we're here to learn and show our work, so be nice and everything's gonna be all right,


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More or wanna be?


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